Clarke Square is a neighborhood of many riches.  Above all, the people of Clarke Square fill the neighborhood with their talents, ambitions, and values. One of the most diverse communities in Milwaukee, Clarke Square is home to Journey House, a community-based organization that helps families move out of poverty.  The community boasts the Milwaukee County Mitchell Park Conservatory where visitors can enter the world’s only beehive-shaped glass domes.  César E. Chávez Drive, a commercial strip  that forms the neighborhood’s eastern border, draws Milwaukee’s Latino community and others to shop, eat authentic Mexican food, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. These are just a few of our communities but there are many other neighborhood groups that can be found below. You can find out more about our history or view our Quality of Life plan below. 

The Clark Square Mission

The mission of Clarke Square Neighborhood is to create a strong neighborhood with a variety of homes, public spaces, safe streets, landmark places (schools, churches, community centers, parks) and strong business community to create a vibrant, diverse neighborhood.

Our Team

Patricia T. Najera

Executive Director, Ex-Officio

Board Of Directors

Tranaise Scott

Portfolio Manager, Fannie Mae

Dr. Charles Green


Christian Faith Fellowship East

Vanessa Sancha

PNC Bank

Gene Manzanet

Treasurer, U.S Bank

Katherine Carlos

Clarke Square Resident

James Haley

Northwestern Mutual Life

Peggy Neal

Community Development Specialist

Howard Snyder

Community Development Consultant