CSNI Economic Development

What is the CSNI Economic Goal?

Cesar Chavez Drive is known for diverse businesses with unique mix of diverse businesses, a unique mix of western wear retail shops, ethnic cuisine, beauty salons, and a vibrant art scene.  Improve Cesar Chavez Drive and ancillary commercial corridors on National Avenue and Greenfield Avenue.

Economic Development Action Plan

We want to create Commercial corridors that appeal as a destination for families and individuals to spend their time and money,  that offer a safe and attractive environment. This environment can be created and enhanced through improvements to building façades, the public right of way (street and sidewalk), and the attraction and retainment of a variety of businesses that appeal to targeted demographics. 

An environmental scan of the 35 businesses located on Cesar Chavez Drive shows great disparity on how businesses create and enhance a welcoming space for visitors, workers, and neighborhood residents. The entrepreneurial spirit is great but it is a medley of types of businesses, no design guidelines, minimal vegetation, and minimal transportation options. 

The Cesar Chavez Business Improvement District 38 (BID 38) can be the lead agency of leveraging resources for small business development, façade improvements, creating design guidelines for building and promoting the “Lindas Mujeres” (AKA historic Painted Ladies homes).  Not only is BID 38 poised with a vibrant commercial corridor but it is a place to promote employment opportunities and promotion of start-up “Pop-Up” spaces that are economical and encourage small business development. 

Objective One In Action

La Ley Financial Services, 2011 and La Ley Financial Services, 2020