CSNI Housing



What is the CSNI Housing goal?

We aim to stabilize, promote, and preserve diverse housing to accommodate a wide range of incomes and family needs. The goal is to improve both the quality of housing, increase homeownership rates, and connect residents to partner organizations who can assist in buying, keeping or fixing homes.

Housing Action Plan

We are working toward improving the homeownership of the neighborhood, CSNI is forming alliances with investment property owners to engage with residents on upgrading, repairing, and evaluating history with the neighborhood.  

Objective 1
Objective 2
Objective 3
Objective 1

Given the dynamic situation of COVID 19, our objectives are to ensure that residents know of all resources available to them about forbearance and foreclosure prevention.

Activity: To increase a pipeline of individuals in each quadrant area of CSNI to housing partners who can become prepared for successful homeownership.  

Objective 2

Create community-building activities for Resident Engagement 

To improve the physical appearance of CSNI, it will be important to divide the 45-block area into manageable sections of four quadrants with approximately 10-12 blocks.  This smaller subsection will create clusters within the larger neighborhood.  Once the quadrants are created, we will create a resource page for all homeowners of the services provided by each partner.  

Activity:  The Resident Leadership Team will advocate for clean-up efforts, beautification – flower planting, promotion of peace of mind “Ring” system, and block-level celebration events.  

Objective 3

We are working toward Preserving Affordable Housing and Alternative Models of Home Ownership

Only 18% of Hispanics live-in owner-occupied units, 64% in renter-occupied units, and 18% are vacant housing units. It is imperative that as the COVID 19 pandemic levels out and the economy resurges that we help residents meet their financial goals and attainment of the dream of owning a home.  

Goal:  To increase the number of individuals by 20% who attend homeownership related workshops. 

Activity:  To create a platform of individuals who are interested in becoming homeowners and referring them for technical assistance and professional support to community organizations specialized in housing.