CSNI Community Building and Engagement

What is the CSNI Community Engagement goal?

Promotion of art as a centerpiece of the neighborhood, in the Cesar Chavez Business Improvement District 38, and throughout the 40 continuous blocks showcasing art projects that provide engagement opportunities for the residents of the area. Youth, adults and other stakeholders create engaging spaces celebrating art forms, rejuvenating buildings, streetscapes, and building hope with arts and culture in the community.

Building the Identity of CSNI Explosion of Culture, Arts, and Wellness

Cesar Chavez Drive is known for a partnership between the Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative (CSNI), Cesar Chavez Business Improvement District 38 to seed arts, culture and small business development in the Clarke Square neighborhood.  The goal is to cultivate Chavez Drive as a destination for both cultural and economic investment. To this end, the partners have sponsored annual competitions for Artists in Residences to incorporate art that speaks to the people of the community.  Over ten large scale murals exist on Cesar Chavez Drive, a six foot bronze Cesar E. Chavez sculpture, and decorative utility boxes.  

Accelerating Civic Impact Video